Mother Jones' Photographers Pick the Best Photobooks of 2013

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DAVID GOLDBLATT IS one of the world's great photographers and, arguably, the greatest ever from South Africa. Apartheid is the great moral theme of his work, but it's only part of a deeper reckoning of the varieties of human suffering and grace. The Transported of KwaNdebele, first published in 1989 and newly reissued in an expanded edition, is a testament to Goldblatt's unerring vision. The book chronicles the grueling bus ride that workers from KwaNdebele, a semi-independent homeland for poor blacks, took to their jobs in the factories and mines of Pretoria—a roughly 75-mile journey that began well before dawn. Goldblatt's compositions are immaculate, even when he's cramped in bus aisles or alongside highways at 5 a.m. There are scenes here—expressions of pain or exhaustion, certain tones of light—that cut to the bone. —Jeremy Lybarger